For years as I was working on myself, I kept focusing on the same two things:

The brain and the mind.

I put a disproportionate amount of energy to optimizing them.

I thought that if I could focus on them independently and improve how they worked, then everything else would work better too.

Although, as you can imagine, that’s now how it worked out.

Our life, and especially our body, is an entire system.

And not just a system, but an organic system.

This means that the mechanics of the individual parts are as important as how the system functions as a whole.

Understanding this changed my entire perspective on personal development.

It meant that it wasn’t enough to focus on how the individual parts of my body, like my brain and mind, worked if I wasn’t equally focusing on the other parts like the raw ingredients that I was fueling my body with, such as nutritious food.

Organic systems work in unison, with all the parts dependent on the form and function of one another.

The macro, is as important as the micro.

And if we want to get ourselves and our life right, we have to focus on both.




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