Focus on outcomes.

Literally, that’s all you have to do.

Decide on the ultimate outcome that you’re after.

In other words what is the result that you want to achieve.

And get really clear at it.

If it’s a job you want to get, then what job is it?

What’s the role?

Where is the office?

If it’s money that you want to earn, understand why?

Is it to experience a certain feeling?

Or to buy something that will make you believe something about yourself?

If you want to make it easy for yourself to understand the outcome that you’re working towards, do this:

  1. Decide on what it is you want
  2. Imagine you got it
  3. Ask yourself – “Why did I want this?”
  4. Repeat 2 and 3 until you can’t repeat anymore

Now, if you do this, something interesting will happen.

You may realize, that the ultimate outcome you’re after might not be what you were initially thinking you needed to achieve.

For example, say that:

  1. I want a car
  2. I imagine I got the car
  3. I wanted the car so that I could feel successful
  4. And I wanted to feel successful because I wanted to feel loved
  5. Link (1) and (4) together, and you see that I wanted to buy the car in order to feel loved

You can clearly see that the reason that I wanted to buy the car was so that I would feel loved.

And if you and I are really honest with ourselves, we understand that we don’t need to buy the car to feel loved.

We can feel loved by just choosing to feel loved.

And now, you were able to achieve your outcome without even doing what you thought you needed to do.

Of course this is an arbitrary example, but I share it with you because that’s how many of us subconsciously reason for the things that we want.

And that sometimes, the road to achieving an outcome can be cut much shorter if we get laser clear on exactly what it is that we’re working towards.

So here’s an exercise for you:

  1. Find 2 things that you are working towards
  2. Follow the 4 step process
  3. See if you can achieve your ultimate outcome in a shorter period of time or effort

If you take the time to do this exercise, I really believe that it will have the power to change how you approach what it is you’re working towards.

Let me know how you go!




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