Where Are You Going?

A motivational workshop for schools

Today’s teenagers are the first people ever to grow up natively in a completely online world. With technology changing so fast and old jobs becoming quickly obsolete with the rise of Artificial Intelligence, it has become more important than ever to help prepare our young people to discover their passion, harness their skills and prepare for a world that none of us can yet imagine. In Where Are You Going?, Sacha shares his deeply emotional and inspirational story of overcoming adversity and traumas, and practical steps that teenagers can implement to help them get to where they want to be.

Who Should Listen

  • Schools
  • Universities


  • 1-2 Hours (full length talk)
  • 30 Minutes (shorter talk)

A must see workshop; Relevant, Charismatic, Approachable, Responsive, Motivating

DaveYouth Leadership Camp Mentor

Topics Covered:

  • How to discover your passion
  • Developing a strong and unshakeable personality
  • The simple technique to reduce anxiety within minutes
  • Simple steps to achieving mental health
  • How Sacha received a $20,000 scholarship even though he was homeless during his final year of high school

What Your Audience Will Get:

  • Inspiration to work harder
  • Technique to reduce anxiety
  • Practical steps to become more employable
  • Developing self esteem
  • Simple steps to discover your passion

Why You Should Hire Sacha For This Talk:

Sacha has spoken to thousands of students from schools across Australia, and unanimously they say that he was the best speaker that they’ve ever had. After listening to Sacha’s inspirational workshops, students go on to study harder, choose their careers, find meaning in their struggles and make positive changes in their life.

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