What's Apple Like

Lessons from a former Apple engineer

Just about every single person in the world has been impacted by Apple. From the iPod, iPhone, Mac and Apple Watch, Apple has transformed the way that people work, play and communicate with one another. And in the process, it has accumulated a treasure chest of over $237 billion dollars in cash and got close to becoming the world’s first trillion dollar company. But while Apple’s success and its products are well known, how it got here is more of a mystery. In What’s Apple Like, Sacha will share the most important things he has learnt from studying Apple in the last decade, why Apple decided to create an engineering job for him, and how your teams and company can implement simple steps to emulate Apple’s success.

Who Should Listen

  • Companies
  • Executives
  • Conferences


  • 1 Hour

It is always a pleasure to hear Sacha speak. He brings authenticity and inspiration of what it means to be a millennial in leadership.

AlyssaBusiness Development Manager

Topics Covered:

  • Surprise and delight and the science of creating raving fans
  • How Apple creates breakthrough products
  • The power of focus in business
  • Why money should come last if you want to make money
  • The unboxing experience Apple wants you to feel and share

What Your Audience Will Get:

  • How to create consistency within your company and products
  • An effective leadership technique that will allow you to simply build complex products
  • Practical steps to create raving fans
  • How to create emotional marketing that inspires
  • Create Keynote Presentations like Apple

Why You Should Hire Sacha For This Talk:

Over the last decade, Sacha has studied Apple every day. And after sending an email with software suggestions to the CEO and Senior Vice President, Sacha was offered to work for Apple.

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