Blame Your Gut

How you can hack your brain, mind, body and soul to become SuperHuman

The world is changing rapidly. And the imperative for our teams to be fast, smart and productive has never been more important. This is possible, but without an understanding of the complex system that we are all a part of, it can be hard. In Blame Your Gut, Sacha shares his inspirational personal journey of health and provides a simple step-by-step guide to taking control of the brain, mind, body and soul so that your team and company can become energized, inspired, happy, and ultimately, SuperHuman.

Who Should Listen

  • Conferences
  • Companies
  • Executives


  • 1 Hour (full length talk)
  • 15 Minutes (shorter talk)

Sacha brings energy to a room and has the audience involved from the outset. Exposing the amazing capabilities that exist within us, he is a constant reminder of the beauty of youth and life ahead.

NicLeadership Program Coordinator

Topics Covered:

  • The fascinating science behind your first brain and your mental health
  • The intricate relationship between your brain, mind, body and soul
  • The 20th century events that have made us sick, fat and slow
  • What your health and success have in common with your gut
  • Practical and simple step-by-step guide to become SuperHuman

What Your Audience Will Get:

  • An understanding of how our thoughts, feelings and actions are connected
  • A simple tool to help reduce anxiety and take control of your emotions
  • The few supplements that we can take to immediately improve our brain performance
  • Foods that will increase our productivity
  • Tools to understand which subconscious beliefs are limiting our capabilities

Why You Should Hire Sacha For This Talk:

For 10 years, Sacha suffered from chronic health conditions that doctors couldn’t help. So with no choice but to take matters into his own hands, Sacha spent over 10,000 hours on personal development, thousands of hours studying and the past 10 years finding, researching and implementing every possible way he could find to hack his brain, mind, body and soul and ultimately get healthy.

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