When I first started in social media, I remember making a simple mistake:
I cared about the number of followers I had.

It was a simple mistake because I know understand that it should never have been about the amount of followers.

It was always about the human being who had chosen to follow.

And there’s a big distinction.

At the extreme level, you could have 50,000 followers, but all of them could be computer bots.

So does it matter that there are 50,000 followers if there are no human beings actually receiving your message?

Of course not!

And on the other extreme level, you could have just 1 follower who is an actual human being, and that 1 human being could be your Mum, or your loved one, or Oprah!

I mean imagine the impact Oprah could have on your life if she shared some of the content you created.

It would be massive!

Now the number doesn’t matter.

What matters is the audience behind the number:

The human being.




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