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Your road to SuperHuman.

If you’re interested in high performance or taking your life and work to the next level, without having to spend years figuring out how, then one-on-one coaching with Sacha could be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

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Hi, I’m Sacha.
And I’m obsessed with helping people reach their potential.

Ever since I was a teenager, I have been obsessed by a simple idea - how can I be a better human being? Every day since, I have spent thousands of hours studying, learning and implementing countless tools, strategies and techniques to help create the life of my dreams. Through one-on-one coaching, I get to share all my knowledge and experience through an immersive personal experience to help you take your life and work to the next level.

Your Life is a system.

So we work on everything.

Peak Performance

If you’re in an industry or profession that requires you be at your peak performance at all times, we will work on optimizing every thought, emotion, belief and action to help you reach your goal.

Creating Energy

Sacha will work with you to figure out ways that you are leaking energy, and methods you can implement to start feeling more alive and energetic today.

Public Speaking

Public Speaking is one of the most important ways of communicating your message. Sacha will help you craft your message, and work together with you on perfecting your presentation and delivery.

Release Depression

We’ll get to the root cause of why you’re unhappy, and then work together to help you on your way to meaning, fulfillment and happiness.

Change Subconscious Beliefs

One of the fastest, most powerful ways to change your life is to remove limiting beliefs, and change them to positive and empowering ones. Sacha will help you figure out your limiting beliefs, and then help you create new positive ones.


Having an impact gives life meaning and fulfillment. We’ll work together to find ways that you can use your life’s work as a means of creating an even greater impact in your life.

Stress Release

Did you know that there is a simple technique to reduce anxiety and stress within minutes? We’ll go through this and other more advanced energetic stress releases.

Increase Productivity

Time is probably really precious to you. So how can you increase your productivity? Sacha will share his Time Management technique that lets you focus on outcomes first, and tasks second.

Find Motivation

Sometimes the hardest things to do are also the most important. Together we will work on creating empowering subconscious associations to your work so that you are inspired and motivated to do it.

What People Say

Worked with Sacha regarding my job interview - and what he said absolutely blew my mind. He helped me take it to that next level. The level of certainty. I went into this interview with the eye of the tiger. And got the job.

Elie HajjarBank Executive

It’s always great to work with Sacha.
He always has great information and you always leave with inspiration!

Nate HendrixMusician

Sacha helped me triple my income which is consistently on the rise through just one coaching. If you want to experience these kinds of results, Sacha is your man.

Pjay ShresthaMr Nepal Oceania

Through his knowledge and life experience Sacha helped me break the patterns which involuntarily put me in a spiral downhill and showed an exit to feeling unwell and getting my thoughts and mind to work in a way which was for me to get better.

SergeiBusiness Owner
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Some of the Powerful Tools We Will Use


Emotional Freedom Technique is a simple tapping process that lets us quickly release our repressed and suppressed emotions.


For peak mental and physical health, we need to put in our bodies the right nutritional ingredients. We’ll cover the basics of nutritional science and simple steps you can take to build your energy from the ground up.


PSYCH-K is one of the latest energetic technologies to easily and quickly change subconscious beliefs. After Sacha started using this, he couldn’t imagine a life without it.


Reiki is a form of energetic healing that we can use for mental and physical therapy.

Life Methodologies

For years, Sacha has been putting together Life Methodologies, or principles, that work as templates and guidelines for many of his coaching lessons.

Brain and Mind Conditioning

We’ll use the latest understanding of brain and mind science to help quickly change your associations and perceptions about the different conditions of your life.

Case Study

Sergei: Having Sacha there for me was a life saver

Sacha’s mentoring and coaching provided real help especially when I was going through tough times. Whilst experiencing anxiety and feeling helpless for over a few months, having Sacha there for me was a life saver.

Through his knowledge and life experience he helped me understand what I was going through, helped break the patterns which involuntarily put me in a spiral downhill and showed an exit to feeling unwell and getting my thoughts and mind to work in a way which was for me to get better.

Words do not describe the gratitude I have for having him there for me and have him share his wisdom.

Case Study

Pjay: Sacha helped me triple my income

Back when I was in high school, I always had a goal of finishing my university degree and making over $100,000 dollars. Last year, it was about to be one year since I graduated and I was still struggling to find a way to make over $100,000 dollars.

Sacha helped me out and through his coaching I managed to triple my income from last year. So if you are looking for someone to create game-changing results for your own life, I would highly recommend seeking help from Sacha.

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